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A brief description of the Kaflex service.

What's the use?

Whatever your field of activity, Kaflex meets the need of a person lacking time in order to delegate certain tasks of the daily newspaper to another category of people, who on the other hand, are more flexible, close and available to your sector to serve you.

For what purpose?

We all have the choice, such as organizing, waiting, postponing, or calling upon organizations that will be ready to take care of the move plus the workforce, however depending on your requirements why not rely on your budget staff ? While being reasonable and not requiring technical services but people equally able to perform your tasks and meet your needs in record time? Not only do you save time, meet new people, but most of all you encourage someone willing to share their knowledge, all with the aim of promoting mutual help and sharing.

From simple services between neighbors, to various small services rendered to others, Kaflex's story is based on mutual aid, sharing and flexibility.

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