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From simple services between neighbors, to various small services rendered to others, the story of kaflex is based on mutual aid, sharing and flexibility. When Ory'chris, founder of the KAFLEX company, arrived in the city of Montreal in Quebec, he found through his experiences in the professional and personal environment, a major problem that many people share; lack of time for their daily tasks.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a doctor, a lawyer, an employee or a student, we all have a life outside of the workplace and tasks that need to be done. However, there are also people who have more flexibility with time and energy to spare to help the world nearby.

The Kaflex website allows busy people (Actiflex) to post ads as needed to delegate their tasks to the people available (Flexer) who respond in exchange for a reward or a simple thank you, you see!

Kaflex is a responsive advertising platform that allows the world to exchange, share and especially help each other! The founder wants to convey these values and make Kaflex more than a tool of use but simply a story.

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