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Find the answers to some of the mostly asked questions about Kaflex here.

What is the platform for?

KAFLEX connects people through service announcements, delegation of housework and sharing of activities.

What is a Flexer ?

He is more flexible person who aims to help an Actiflex.

How can I switch from Flexer status to Actiflex status? And vice versa?

You just need to go to your profile and in the "Role" section, you can choose to switch from Flexer status to Actiflex status, and vice versa. You just have to save the change.

Is there a fee to use the platform?

Yes as well as Actiflex or Flexer, so it's important to know which profile suits you the most. KAFLEX offers the possibility to change roles, but for a fee.

Am I obliged to pay someone to do me a service ?

No, you do not have to pay anyone, you are free to reward the person who is helping you and doing the service you want. Over a coffee ? A service exchange? Or a delicious meal offered, there are many ways to thank your Flexer.

Do you have a call center so that we can reach you?

No, however we have a visible email on our website for any request for information and questions, we always answer as soon as possible.

Can I unsubscribe from the platform?

Yes you can unsubscribe without obligation and at any time.

Do my information remain private?

Yes any information you enter in our system remains private and secure.

If a task is not done correctly, what should be considered as an approach ?

Before rewarding the Flexer you have the obligation to verify that the request has been well respected, it is a commitment in good faith.

What is an Actiflex?

This is a pro-active person, who for lack of time will delegate to get help on some daily tasks with a Flexer.

Can I be an Actiflex and a Flexer?

Yes, you can be an Actiflex if you need to post ads, just as you can be a Flexer by having free time to respond to ads.

I lost my password, how to do it?

You can find your password in the "Registration" section, select "Forgotten password" and enter your information. An email will be sent back to you.

Can a Flexer perform a home task without my presence?

No, for all requests at home we recommend to have the presence of a third (family, relatives), it is you who see.

What is the waiting time before receiving Flexer services?

it varies, it will depend on the display of the announcement and the day requested.

Why should I use your services? I can handle everything by myself !

KAFLEX was created among other things for all people who can not just manage their time and honor their daily tasks. Our platform has the advantage to encourage sharing and mutual support. So do not hesitate to take part in this human adventure through the ads if you are active and flexible.

How do I know if my ad is online?

Simply go into the chosen category and especially if you boosted it in the spotlight (Appearance on the home page).

As a Flexer, am I limited to a number of ads?

No, as long as you are available and ready to help or participate, you have complete freedom.

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